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PRR 2222 on the viaduct at Gene Fusco's G scale garden layout. © NCMRC

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[10/10]  * Sign up for the TCA show in November now available. *

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Member Registration

It's easy to get started using our website. Knowing some of the basics will help.

Members of the club should register (click on 'Create an Account, right'), creating a username and password. As a registered user, club-only information will be included in what you see on the website.  Otherwise, you will see only the information that is shown to the public. NOTE: based on experience, it is not recommended to register by using a smartphone!

Pick a password with at least 6 characters, including at least: one number, and one upper case letter.

Important! After you submit your registration, you will be sent an email to verify the authenticity of the email address you gave, with a link to click which will result in a notification being sent to the webmaster.
NOTE: because this email will be coming from a previously unkown source, and probably also because it contains a link for you to click, your email program may put in a spam folder or filter it as spam. Check it.
When you click the link in that email, the webmaster will be notified to approve the registration: he/she will check your name for member status, and approve your account. You will be notified upon approval. If the webmaster is asleep, or away from the computer, approval may not occur immediately. Be patient. This authentication process is to keep non-members from accessing our files to harvest personal information of our club members.